Saturday, July 10, 2010

What passes for education....

On Monday I had been watching MSNBC. I think it was Lester Holt who introduced a story about kids who had been moved to do good by something they'd experienced in science class. Great, I thought. I hear enough horror stories about kids doing the wrong things lately so when I sat down in my easy chair I was ready for a story that just might renew my faith in the youth of today.

Holt started to speak glowingly about the Boston area science class that had been shown Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" and had been moved to take on a mission of turning their entire school green. I thought to myself "Figures, it's Boston". Never mind the fact that very little of this documentary has been proven as truth. At least these kids weren't on the corner at the 7-11 or getting together to see who could get pregnant first.

My son goes to public school during the year but is attending a military school to brush up on some things during the summer. I picked him up from there this morning and brought him back for a home cooked meal. The conversation on the way home was an eye opener. When discussing his week he asked me "Did you know John McCain was a war hero?". Why yes, I did. He began to explain how they'd seen this movie called "Faith Of My Fathers" and, with an enthusiasm I rarely see, went on to inform me about McCain's heroic character and leadership. And all I could think about was the kids in MA, misled by a public school system hell bent on force feeding our kids an ideology. The green movement is first and foremost a democratic money train, and our public schools are willing and enthusiastic participants.

So instead of electing an American hero in 2008, we put a pot smoking "community organizer" from Acorn in the Whitehouse.
Go figure.

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