Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reclaiming America

Ever since the Million Man March and the controversy over it's actual attendance figures the government has stopped giving estimates for any gatherings in Washington. Naturally I was curious and had to find out anyway. While I'm afraid I can't give you the estimate I had hoped to I found this youtube video of Sarah Palin at the Lincoln Memorial addressing a massive audience. I've posted it for you below. Take a look around the reflecting pool and all the way back to the Washington Monument. It's fair to say that the crowd was HUGE. It was clearly an awesome showing of Americans gathered together to show concern while giving thanks to those who served in our armed forces. Funds were raised for several charities benefitting veterans and their families, I'm told. Check it out:

I'm a cynic by nature but I have to admit, seeing this enormous gathering in our nation's capital for a very noble cause gives me some faith going forward.

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