Monday, August 9, 2010

Whats Good For The Goose

The House ethics committee on Monday announced three counts of alleged ethics violations against California Democrat Maxine Waters, including a charge that she requested federal help for OneUnited Bank, a bank her husband owned stock in and had served on its board.

Waters appears ready to bring this to a public trial in an election year, something that no doubt makes Democrats nervous. It was in 1995 when she grandstanded about Gingrich's alleged ethics violations, taking great pleasure in the speaker's pain. If you've forgotten, the video below will refresh your memory.

While Waters faces three counts of ethics violations, another senior Democrat, former Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel, faces 13 counts, including failing to disclose assets and income and delayed payment of federal taxes.

Waters petitioned to have the charges dismissed, but the ethics committee rejected that request. Nancy Pelosi must be surprised that the corruption she spoke of rooting out just 18 months ago seems to be overwhelmingly from her own party.

So lets find out who Maxine Waters REALLY is...

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