Saturday, April 16, 2011

Inflation and our debt

I read this morning that Bernake says that inflation is not out of control. Gas prices are climbing, but we're told this is temporary, not too worry. In the meantime, we're expected to tolerate an increase in the debt ceiling and a national budget that is out of control.

I've had liberal friends of mine tell me that I wasn't concerned about the national debt when Reagan was president, why would I now? Well, the difference is simple and stark. The Obama administration wants an increased government role and greater debt in a time of inflation. When inflation exists, interest rates we'll pay even MORE money in interest on the national debt. In the Obama model, we'll be awash in debt and unable to climb out.

When Reagan was president, inflation was under control. There was no such threat.

Don't wait for Obama's policies to bury us forever. Act now. Support your local conservative or tea party candidates. If their aren't any, vote for a Republican. It's the lesser of two evils, by far.

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