Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Left Wing Fear-Mongering

Chris Matthews once again showed the Dems penchant for intimidation of the electorate
through fear. Regardless of hwo you feel about Paul's opinions on the defense budget,
his words regarding it's effect of the deficit have become prophetic. When, at a recent
CPAC event, Paul floated the idea that we should consider opting out of the whole system
under the condition that we pay 10% of our income and ask the government for nothing, Matthews was highly critical. Matthews went right for the big lie, stating that if we accepted Paul's proposal then we wouldn't have access to federal highways, air safety, food inspection, and a lot of cancer research. Shallow comments meant to instill fear amongst his viewers.

Paul's retort was logical and straightforward. Paul noted that federal highway
maintenance is heavily subsidized by the gas tax, so that's basically a user fee.
As for air and food safety, these industries do not wish to kill their customers for
obvious reasons. And if they did take indiscretions, they would fall victim to their
competition or face the tort system. And, if Paul is right, government stands in the
way of much of the proposed cancer research.

Only a year until the next election. Nothing like an early start on the Dems' use of
scare tactics.

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